About me

I am a developer, mathematician, editor, and writer who lives in Amsterdam. I grew up in Iceland, and have also lived in France and Mexico.

As a developer, I am interested in distributed systems, reliability and debugging. I enjoy solving hard business problems through the use of computers, rather than using computers for their own sake. I like to understand the domain I work in, and to know and communicate with the stakeholders among my coworkers.

As a mathematician, I am interested in complex differential geometry and its applications to projective algebraic geometry. I’m also an amateur of linear algebra, and prefer deep understanding of subjects to casual acquaintance. I don’t do a lot of research anymore, but keep meaning to finish a manuscript on an interesting, but ultimately disappointing, cohomological approach to the Riemannian geometry of the Kähler cones of compact manifolds.


I’m a member of the:

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

  • French Mathematical Society (SMF)

  • Icelandic Mathematical Society (IMS)

I have also supported Amnesty International (AI) since 2012.

Curriculum vitae

Professional experience


Senior developer, Booking.com. I am working on Booking.com’s MySQL setup, which involves development and operations on thousands of physical hosts.


Senior software engineer, Independent View. Responsible for the operations and development of trading infrastructure at a hedge fund. Working on Python, Java and Scala systems deployed on Windows.

  • Ported existing codebase from Python 2 to 3 in time for the Python 2 end of life deadline.

  • Setup continuous integration and test lifecycles of strategies to enable stable and correct deployments.

  • Improved interactive trader system performance by orders of magnitude.


Senior developer, Booking.com. From May to December 2018, I was the lead developer on a team responsible for a Golang-based Graphite frontend based on carbonapi.

  • Implemented basic infrastructure around the project; brought rollouts to the company standard, defined monitoring and alerting, wrote operational documents for on-call personnel, resolved an impasse that had blocked rollouts for six months.

  • Made numerous upstream contributions to open-source projects the company used, including gogo/protobuf, go-carbon, and zap.

  • Engaged in company-wide efforts to improve the resilience of services across all teams. Reviewed internal outage postmortems, industry lessons, and interviewed personnel to come up with a checklist that teams could use to assess their own status and see where improvement was needed.


Developer, Booking.com. Performed self-guided work in large existing code bases in Java, Golang, Perl and Python as a member of both autonomous and Agile-based teams.

  • Took ownership of the hotel search engine at Booking.com, a business-critical highly available distributed system, after its authors left the company. Communicated best-practices of its use to company users, ensured its capacity through the year of 2017, and provided strategies for future scaling of the system.

  • Took on other non-classical developer responsibilities as needed, including system administration at scale via Puppet and Salt, provisioning of new hardware, setup of monitoring and alerting, and communication with other teams and upper management in the absence of a product owner.

  • Gave a series of talks whose aim was to educate other developers at the company about our systems in the hope of making the boat go faster. Topics included the Booking.com hotel search engine, memory use in Java, and geometric interpretations of the average and standard deviations.


Associate publisher, Mathematical Sciences Publishers. Responsible for the publication of the journals Geometry & Topology and Algebraic & Geometric Topology. Also oversaw the edition and publication of Volume 18 of the conference series Geometry & Topology Monographs. This work was done remotely.

  • Stabilized the journal backlogs, making time-to-publication a known factor, enabling better communication with authors.

  • Wrote a linter of LaTeX documents customized for our editorial tasks, that was adopted by other editors while still in the prototype stage, and whose use lead to increased editor productivity.

  • Analyzed hundreds of thousands of records in our publications to estimate the value of building an in-house database of correctly formatted citations, and then argued the ROI was too low to be worth it.

  • Managed a team of remote copyeditors, ensuring quality through review and feedback cycles.


Copyeditor, Mathematical Sciences Publishers. Edited articles in world-known mathematical research journals like Pacific Journal of Mathematics and Algebra & Number Theory. Like other editors at the company, became an expert on TeX and LaTeX internals. This work was done remotely.

  • Top 10% performer among peer editors.

  • Took over maintenance and extension of in-house editing software.

  • Communicated with authors on final proof changes.


Undergraduate lecturer, Université Joseph-Fourier. Taught a course in linear algebra to first-year undergraduate students in physics and mathematics. Responsible for one class of 30 students in a batch of 150 students. All classes, homework and communication were in French.

  • Gave involved weekly homework assignments and provided detailed individual feedback on improvement points, above what was required of teachers.

  • Constructed a lecture plan from a list of topics a common final exam would question students on.

  • Wrote and graded mid-term exams in coordination with other teachers.



Ph.D. in Mathematics, Université Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble, France. Thesis: Métriques naturelles associées aux familles de variétés Kahlériennes compactes


M.Sc. in Mathematics, Université Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble, France. Thesis: Géométrie algébrique, géométrie analytique


B.Sc. in Mathematics, University of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland.



  • Cohomological expression of the curvature of Kähler moduli, 2019, preprint.

  • Automorphisms and examples of compact non-Kähler manifolds, Mathematica Scandinavica Volume 121, 2017, 49—56. DOI, arXiv.

  • The inner product on exterior powers of a complex vector space, Linear Algebra and its Applications Volume 504, 2014, 372—386. DOI, arXiv.

  • The geometry of Kähler cones, 2012, arXiv.

  • Métriques naturelles associées aux familles de variétés Kahlériennes compactes, Ph.D. thesis, defended at Institut Fourier in Grenoble, France in 2012. HAL.

  • A natural hermitian metric associated with local universal families of compact Kähler manifolds with zero first Chern class, Comptes Rendus Mathematique Volume 350, 2012, 63—66. DOI, arXiv.

  • Géométrie algébrique, géométrie analytique, M.Sc. thesis, defended at Institut Fourier in Grenoble, France in 2009. Link.


  • Lyttle Lytton semifinalist, 2017. Link.

  • Bókahillan, Stína 9, November 2014. Link.

  • Miscellaneous answers to reader questions about science, The Icelandic Science Web, 2006—2007. Link.

  • Popular music reviews, Rjóminn, 2005—2006.